Free Mustache Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planners

Posted by Jemsy & Jour Jour's Mommy on 6/7/2011 to Sweet FREEbies
Dear Mr. Mustache,
I just had to jump on your bandwagon. From sticky notes to baby onesies to mugs, I’ve seen you everywhere and been anxiously waiting for the perfect time to groom you into Simply Stated Creative offerings (pun intended). What better way to highlight your shapeliness than in our very first monthly freebie, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planners, chosen by SSC Facebook Fans to be designed.
Free Mustache Planner Set by Simply Stated Creative
Ready for showtime?

Mustache Daily Planner by Simply Stated Creative

Our daily planner features a nifty to-do checklist, designated goal section and schedule space for both early birds and night owls. 

Mustache Weekly Planner by Simply Stated Creative

The weekly layout includes room for a seven-day agenda, up to four kiddos and even a dinner menu.

Mustache Monthly Planner by Simply Stated Creative

And the mustache monthly planner is...well, a blank canvas waiting for handwritten notes for each corresponding date in an eyeglass frame. Yes, an eyeglass frame. SSC friends will have to get theirs to see. Did you hear the cymbal rimshots...badum-CHING?

Without further ado (and to spare you anymore of my cheesy jokes), get your free goodies now. Add Simply Stated Creative’s Mustache Planner Set to your shopping bag and simply checkout. Your instant download link will be emailed to you, waiting on your receipt.  Just click, print and enjoy!
Write more, type less & be creative,
Founder & Creative
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