Photo Info + Tips

We must have high-resolution images in order to print your Photo Designs, so please do not crop, convert colors or manipulate your photo(s) in any way.  Please send your photo files in original, raw state.  Submitted photo(s) must be in at least 300 dpi.   
By ordering from Simply Stated Creative, you are affirming that you own the copyright of your provided images.  You thereby assume ALL liability for any Copyright Infringement and agree to hold Simply Stated Creative harmless in any ensuing Copyright Infringement claims or lawsuits.
If you are using images taken by a professional photographer, you must obtain written permission from the photographer and email the release to [email protected]  
For more information about our Image Policy, please see Boutique Policies.
photo-taking tips
  1. Background:  Choose a simple and uniform background, like a solid-colored sheet or blanket.   Avoid patterns.  Clear background of any objects or reposition subject to avoid including unwanted elements in the shot.
  2. Clothing:  Plain clothes, with one color or a simple pattern, make the best outfits. 
  3. Color:  Take pictures in full color.  Do not convert your image to black and white.  If requested, we will do that for you at no extra cost.  Just submit your color request when placing your order.
  4. Composition:  Come in close to your subject(s).  When shooting close-ups of hands or feet, isolate them on the background.  When including more than one subject, make sure their faces are close to each other.Focus:  Images, to be featured on your card, must be sharp and in focus.  Make sure you have plenty of light.  If not, you may need to move to a brighter location.  If photographing your baby, make sure she/he is happy at the start of the shoot.  Take a break if she/he gets fussy.  Constant movement will only lead to unusable pictures.
  5. Lighting:  Day is the prime time to take photos because of natural light.  Place your subject(s) in a safe, well-lit spot.  Turn off your camera's flash and see if you can get a good, naturally lit image.  If using flash, make sure the photo is exposed correctly or the image will be washed out.
  6. Retouching + Editing:  We will do all necessary editing, retouching and cropping.  Should you have specific requests, please note upon order placement.

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