Treasure Trove Me, Please...

Posted by Jemsy & Jour Jour's Mommy on 4/18/2011

Dear Curators de Etsy,

I would like to personally thank two Etsians for gracing Simply Stated Creative among the presence of such artistry in their Treasury Lists.  It's such a surpise that leaves me thinking "why, little ol' me?" :o)
The creator of Pretty Little Angels, a celebration collection for posh mommies and babies, made me smile with sweet designs for baptism, hair candy and beyond. Thank you so much for featuring my Sheer Vanilla Elegance Custom Photo Birth Announcement  in your gorgeous March 2011 Treasury List.   
Sheer Vanilla Elegance Custom Photo Birth Announcement
And, running full Circle of Life, this chic April 2011 gallery showcases the beauty of life's stages, in black & white, with a number of Etsy gems like a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired bridal pearl accessory to a blinged out pair of Rocker-style kids Converse shoes.  Sweet hugs to its collector for including my Simply Black & White Custom Photo Birth Announcement  in a delightful depiction of magical moment simplicity, whether daily or once in a lifetime.
Simply Black and White Custom Photo Birth Announcement
So to these two fabulous fellow Etsians, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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